TRID Review Featured in CFPB Supervisory Highlights

Oct 11, 2017

The CFPB published their Summer 2017 Supervisory Highlights in September, which included a list of common TRID mistakes made by lenders.  The full publication can be found here.  

The CFPB examiners found the following common TRID mistakes:

  • Fees increased between Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure without necessary tolerance cures
  • Lender failed to retain evidence of compliance with TRID
  • Lender failed to document applicant’s Intent To Proceed
  • Lender waived the Closing Disclosure 3 day review period without a bona fide personal financial emergency
  • Lender failed to provide Written List of Service Providers when the borrower was allowed to shop for a service
  • Lender failed to show the amount payable into the escrow account when an escrow account was created
  • Loan Estimate did not include an expiration date when an expiration date was required

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