TRID Resource Center


BairdLaw is dedicated to helping all Credit Unions thrive in the new lending environment.  Below is a collection of useful resources to help Credit Unions prepare and understand the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

1. TRID Texas Title Premium Calculator (Purchase)

2. TRID Texas Title Premium Calculator (Refi/Home Equity)

3. TRID Prorate Taxes

4. TRID Real Estate Agent License # Lookup

5. TRID Title License # Lookup

6. BairdLaw TRID FAQ

7. CFPB issued examples

Loan Estimate

Closing Disclosure

Other Forms

  • Blank model form for Written List of Settlement Service Providers
  • Sample of Written List of Providers you can shop for
  • Sample of Written List of Providers you cannot shop for
  • Blank model form of the Escrow Cancellation Notice
  • Texas Disclosure– T-64 for purchase transactions with title insurance (form prepared by Title Company; T-64 form promulgated by Texas Department of Insurance)

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