TRID Resource Center


BairdLaw is dedicated to helping our clients thrive in the new lending environment.  Below is a collection of useful resources to help lenders prepare and understand the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

1. TRID Texas Title Premium Calculator (Purchase)

2. TRID Texas Title Premium Calculator (Refi/Home Equity)

3. TRID Prorate Taxes

4. TRID Real Estate Agent License # Lookup

5. TRID Title License # Lookup

6. BairdLaw TRID FAQ

7. CFPB issued examples

Loan Estimate

Closing Disclosure

Other Forms

  • Blank model form for Written List of Settlement Service Providers
  • Sample of Written List of Providers you can shop for
  • Sample of Written List of Providers you cannot shop for
  • Blank model form of the Escrow Cancellation Notice
  • Texas Disclosure– T-64 for purchase transactions with title insurance (form prepared by Title Company; T-64 form promulgated by Texas Department of Insurance)

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